Post Production Assignment ll – Booking

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 08.32.52After the easter break I lost some really important time of my project, because I had 45% hearing loss. It was really diffcult (and freaked out) to concentrate in my live project as I was hearing everything like muted!  I tried to take advantage of that situation as much as I could, so this week I have done all the arrangement for the filming day.

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Post Production Assignment

As we had a conversation with Simon in the class for my assignment, I decided that I had on my plan lots of things to do for my project and the most of them are kind of new to me.

Basically, I will remove the live Vj-ing from my video and I will concentrate more to the filming and be sure that I will have really nice and cinematic shots.

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VFX Assignment | Filming

Well, the filming part was the most difficult one! Necessarily, we had to do the filming 5th of January from 23:00 until however it gets in the morning! (Because of the crew’s busy schedule!)  Normally that was to late, because 9th of January I was returning back to UK and the deadline was at 15th of January. So I had to do the filming and then come back, have no life at all and do visual effects hole day long!

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Tutorial for Lighting & Shadowing

Because I’ve lost last Lecture for Visual Effects, I contacted my tutor and ask him to send me a tutorial to watch it, so I wouldn’t missed anything. He replied to me and ask me to do this tutorial (, which is for Shadowing in a 3D environment .

Here are some Print Screens from my project:Image


I can say that I understood pretty well about shadowing and lighting, as I experimented playing with the light’s position, the text’s position and the ground’s position.