Design Practice | Presentation Day

Well, today we had to present our final work to our clients from Charle Dicken’s Museum. I think that we did it great, as the feedback that we got was really good.

Here is our presentation.


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Design Practice | The Big “Come Back”

After a great break for the easter I had an accident that kept me a bit back, but when I came back to UK we were ready to work again hard and finalize what we have left!

When I came back guys told me that they had a little issue with the box. There was a wierd gap between the doors.


2013-04-25 16.01.08


It was wierd because I thought that I had made it great. Anyway, we solve that problem and we continoued with the finalize of our work…

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cut out the print outs

2013-04-25 15.42.56

folding the booklets

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