Post Production Assignment ll – Booking

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 08.32.52After the easter break I lost some really important time of my project, because I had 45% hearing loss. It was really diffcult (and freaked out) to concentrate in my live project as I was hearing everything like muted!  I tried to take advantage of that situation as much as I could, so this week I have done all the arrangement for the filming day.

Things that I had to do before the filming:

– Book studio

After a second thought about my project I realised that green screen wasn’t necessary, as I didn’t want to focus that much in the background, as in the forgeround! I am intersted of the visuals that they will mix with the Dj itself.  Finally the filming will be at the “Performance Space” of “City University London”. This place I think is ideal for my project! It has lots of lights that somehow we are going to control, really big and nice stage and a wooden environment that will really fits in my video perfectly!


Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 08.32.52

– Book video & audio equipment

Everything shorted out with the booking of the audio and video equipment! The filming will be with 3 Cannon 5D Mk ll and the audio equipment has been booked from the same University (Dj’s uni). I talked also with my friend that will record the event and arrange the equipment that she will need, which is not something really special as the recording will be digital through the Dj’s mix.

– Find genre of music and playlist

When I first talked with Dj Alex I was quit open at the music’s genre of my project. I had a rough idea with what I want, but I strongly believe that is always better to let people do what they know to do best! I sent him my presentation of the project so that he would be able to understand the general aesthetics of the video. After, I told him what emotions do I want to create in my video and some of the visuals that I will use (for example: the live change of bpms), Alex suggested me 3 music genres:

Garage/Grime or DnB

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 08.24.02

– Talk with Ollie and Will and find a date for filming I ask Ollie’s and Will’s help with the cameras as it will be live 30 minutes shoting and the ideal plan is to have 3 maneramen! As always, my final project will be longer than 1 minute, but I will submit a short version of 2 minutes; So I thought that it would be great for the final project to join our forces and creat something really good.


It seems like that everything go well. I can’t wait to go there and film!

My next blog will be the exact plan for the filming day and ready for editing…


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