Design Practice | Net – Box Creation

We are during easter and I hate to do that, but I will break my holidays for some days as I have some Uni work to do…

My job until 1st of April is to create the net and actually test the box (if its confortable, if it works, if it looks nice etc.)


Basicly what I did was to open an A3 Adobe Illustrator file and keep counting with the rulers and draw lines. After some hours a created this one.


Dicken's Box_Plex_A3

After that I was going to add the windows, but Rachel done a really good coment and suggested me…

Screen shot 2013-05-01 at 9.21.10 PM


When I realized what she was saying I was really up for it I did it straight after! I added also the windows and it is nearly to the end!

Here is were my work is until now! I think we are doing well!

Dicken_s Box_Plex_A3 FINAL

And my job is done for now I can peacefully continoue my holidays until my next chalange.

until then…



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