Design Practice | Second Group Meeting

As a continuous of our 1st meeting in positively mood today it was our second group meeting that we had to creat our brainstorm board and finalise all our thoughts and make them be designed!

After an hour of talking and keep researching we had some great results!

image_1367354909839066 image_1367354909839092

We decided as part of the “Curiosity Concept” to create a box (looks like a cabinet) to contain all “the curiosities” (lieflets). Each lieflet will have different design but all of them they will have quit similar aesthetics. At the back of each lieflet will be a part of a big pazle that while you “solve” it will creates the Charle’s Dickens photo.

The interesting thing, that I really enjoyed it, it was that we worked as a team and one person was compliting the other one of us! All our thoughts was continous and well done mixed!

Finally we dicided that we will put a ceperate lieflet with all of the information about the museum itself.

One step before we start creating things and we are in a really good way as everyone has its own work to do!

I ll do some work and then EASTER BREAK!!


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