Post Production Assignment

As we had a conversation with Simon in the class for my assignment, I decided that I had on my plan lots of things to do for my project and the most of them are kind of new to me.

Basically, I will remove the live Vj-ing from my video and I will concentrate more to the filming and be sure that I will have really nice and cinematic shots.

Also, I made some changes to my plan for the filming day. I will film the whole video in a green room. I wasn’t sure about the environment in general and I was thinking to use black and white background, shoot with both and then on the edit to experiment with the B&W; But after that conversation, I will make the filming in a green room, so that I will be able to do whatever I want with the environment (either Black or White).


As you could see in my presentation, I was planning also some shots from the top pointing the decks and the Dj. A good idea that Simon told and I hadn’t though already was to find-book a stand for a boom microphone and use it as a tripod for my “top” camera.


So let’s make a recap of my project and a small list with what my video will contain.


–       I will have Dj Alex Lacay Dj-ing live in a Green Room

–       3 cameras shooting the same time (2 in tripods – 1 in my hand)

–       Interesting lighting (ideally some lights follow the beat – flashing)

–       A friend of mine, Aliki (which is the one that usually does the music for my videos), will record the whole music live


It’s not an official video clip for the Dj, it will be a nice (maybe promo for him) video with some good planning – shooting – animation. However, I have to watch lots of Music Video Clips to get some good references and inspiration.



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