Design Practice | start of 2nd term

In continous of our work at the 1st term, today we had our first group meeting, back from the D&AD brief. We were ready for a new start with lots of fresh ideas and we were filled with positive vibes for a good work!

We didn’t lost any time and we started brainstorming and writting down ideas…


As a group we had one perpose: “Complete our brief, work fast and do it well!”, so for the second term we set Rachel Hancock in charge of our group as an organizer! We were good in our jobs its individually at the first term, but we weren’t organized at all.

We think that it will work really better the fact that we will have an organizer in our group; and each one our tasks individually, but as a group either.


The 1st step for the brief was to create an A3 concept board through our brainstorming and keep notes with anything it can be usefull for our project. We quickly said what each of us will do and we started doing some class work:


Rachel:  organise things, create a “To Do List | GraphicsBOX”, has an eye to everything

Dan & Steven:  research on the Charle’s Dicken’s Museum aesthetics (helpfull images)

I did the research for the colour palettes that are close to “Curiosity” and “Dicken’s Museum”. Also, I looked and pick images of the inside and outside of the museum that we would be used in our board. Last think for today,  the fonts. I had to pick some fonts that would be nice in our final piece of design! 

Tom: take all these stuff and well put them all in inDesign!  


I can say that from todays work I am really happy with the final result (A3 Board), but now we have to continue working on our brief. Next meeting arranged already with spesific things for each one of us!



Here is the “To Do List”:


  • Rachel will be contacting Lee Ault for more information  and permission to take images at the museum as well as helping Tom…
  • Tom is to finnish our concept board.
  • Dan is updating our website with our new skills.
  • Steve will be looking into printing costs, and paper stock.
  • I will be starting illustrations for our final design (as discussed in out last meeting before christmas).



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