VFX Assignment | Filming

Well, the filming part was the most difficult one! Necessarily, we had to do the filming 5th of January from 23:00 until however it gets in the morning! (Because of the crew’s busy schedule!)  Normally that was to late, because 9th of January I was returning back to UK and the deadline was at 15th of January. So I had to do the filming and then come back, have no life at all and do visual effects hole day long!

Anyway, that day Dimitris and I went to the garage at 21:00 (the same day Lamprini had her child’s birthday party running just above us, in the leaving room!) and start set up our home studio (lights, plugs, laptops for emptying the card, speakers for the music…).

After everything was ready …

φωτογραφία (21)

… the dancers came and they started be prepared (make-up, dressing, practicing)

198 192


Finally, we started filming almost at 3:00 o’clock (!!). It was cruel, but we had to get done until the morning!  With lots of energy drinks and positivity we began filming…

Those pictures were taken the day of the filming and you can see the way that we worked, as long as some techniques that I used for the Highlights of the ball in dancer’s face, the fans that I had take from my home to blow dancer’s hair when the ball was appear!



Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 07.10.44

162 165

177 182 169186 190236 243 244

rail time!


227 228

Lighting Ball and Fans!!

247 248

250 253

Natural Serum – for one scene with tears in it!


And the our night keep going….

255 258 259 262

And as a result of that really long night…

12.30 at the next morning! Just finished!

φωτογραφία (22)


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