VFX Assignment | The Script

Now I had to think how could I combine all of those rough ideas and have the best result that I could achieve and basically have an actual story. I came up with an analysis of my concept and found the final script of my assignment.

The thing is that I didn’t want to make a “useless” 30-second video only for the University. I would like to create a 3 minutes video that could be easily exist into my final portfolio. Also, I would like the team that I will compose will be a team of people full of enthusiasm for creation and that they will be able at the end of that to use this video in their portfolio too (for example my friend that will write the music for the video to be able to say after that “I proudly present to you this video which I wrote the music for it!”).  My plans and my thoughts that we are going to see are for the final 3-minutes piece. For the university I will choose 30-60 seconds to submit from the final piece. (I hope that I will going to make the hole piece on time!)

For the purposes of my story I added one more dancer to create a kind of “relationship” between them.


1. Introduction

The first dancer appears to the screen (slow zoom-in to her / we see the environment) as the intro of the song has already began. (maybe atmospheric strings)

As the zoom in finishes the second dancer appears from the left of the screen, the 1st Dancer look at her (meet her) and the dance part begins!

2. Dance

As the beat begins the dancers start the choreography (Slow dance with some outbreaks)

3. Creation of the ball

Suddenly, as they have already dance the first part of the song, the music slows down with an atmospheric break and an iconic ball starting grow and float to the air.

4. The ball is floating

The ball is going to the “sky” as the 2nd dancer staring at the ball as she is floating. The 1st dancer bends down to her knees.

5. Ball “explosion”

The dub-step part of the song begins exactly when the ball explosions.

The 2nd dancer diffused into little pieces as the aura of the ball hits her.

The 1st dancer “reborn” from that aura and begin to dance in a dub-step rhythm.

6. Dub-step Dance

The 1st dancer dances the dub-step part in a different environment (after the explosion) FULL of colors moving around really fast!

7. 2nd dancer’s ghost

When the dub-step part finish the 2nd dancer’s ghost appears. The 1st dancer run excited to her position and she tries to hug her, but when she try to hug her the “ghost” becomes smoke.

8. Zoom-out!

As we have create the impression of an amazing-different environment and that something is unique here (environment, lighting colors, glowing ball), then the camera zooms-out and the audience realize that this ball isn’t something unique as we can see thousands of them existing in a huge place!



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