VFX Assignment | Technicual Parts & Worries

At the same time I had to think about the technical parts of my assignment, such as:

–       green screen – where?

–       How am I going to do it

–       Equipment

–       People that they are able to help me (for their own good too)

The way that I was going to film it was the first thing that I really couldn’t sleep for two days.

I was still thinking HOW!

I was worried about:

– The green screen, because I have never tried it before

– The glowing ball and the explosion, because I have never done it before too

– Some scenes from weird camera angle, because I wouldn’t have a green box. I could be able only to set up a green screen



So the basic problem was the green screen! I started calling friends to see if anyone has a green screen that I could use in Greece; as my filming should be done in Greece (because of the dancers basically!).

I watched those tutorials for how to set up a home-green screen.



When I found a friend (Dimitris Mavroforakis) that he actually had a green screen, the only thing that I had to concern was the location for my green screen!

I needed a room that I would be able to do filming without anyone interrupts me and to be able to make holes at the ceiling to set up the green screen! (Because that green screen wasn’t standing with tripods; needed to be screwed at the ceiling).

Dimitris would be able to give me more equipment as well, such as:

– Lights!!

– Good and steady tripod for the camera

– Monitor for the camera

– Shoulder camera pad

After, I found the room that we would make the filming! I called Lamprini (who was my Make-up Artist and Costum Designer for this project) and she said that she can give us his garage. We went with my father and set up the green screen to her garage!

φωτογραφία (20)

So most of my concerns were solved!

I have already found:

–       Story

–       Dancers

–       Song

–       Green screen

–       Lights

–       Camera (5D from Uni)

–       Tripod

–       Shoulder pad

–       Make up Artist

–       Costum Designer (from scratch)

–       A friend (Aline) that she would write the script. (Which file do we keep and which file has been canceled by a mistake or something)

–       A friend (Ploutarchos) who was in charge of all the production things (food, drinks, heat,)

During my Christmas’s vacation (before filming) I had to meet with every single person from that team and arrange everything! Such as:

-When we are going to set up the green screen

-How we are going to transfer the green screen from where it was to the garage

-How the make-up will look like

-Take dancers’s ratios so that the customs will perfectly feet them!

-When we will do the filming (that was really difficult to define!)

-Finalize the choreography in 4 meetings with the dancers

-Make lots of practice before the filming

When I had arranged all those things…. we started Filming!


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