VFX Assignment | Storyboard & Timeline of the Song

Since I had the story I was able to create my storyboard and the exact timeline of the song, so that I could send it to my friend Aliki (creator of the music) and to Eleana and Eya (friends – dancers).


Here is the first storyboard that I came up with:

StoryBoard 1_PDF


Here is the timeline that I sent to my friend Aliki for the song. It was exactly what I was needed:





00:00 – 00:10


Intro, instrumental without beat!

(There will be slow camera zoom in! With some outbreaks!)


00:10 – 00:15


Break like the already existing one – the 2nd dancer appears to the screen


00:15 – 00:30


Verse part 1  (slower than the part 2)

(I remind you the outbreaks that we want to have – something is happening!)


00:30 – 00:35


Break with purpose of getting harder to the part 2 of the verse!


00:35 – 01:05


Verse part 2

(I remind you the outbreaks that we want to have – something is happening!)


01:05 – 1:35


bridge | atmospherically music without really happens | Creation of the ball and starts floating!

(Good example  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bU639WhxTIs (the intro of that song) )


01:35 – 01:45


Chorus part 1 | Explosion of the ball | 2nd dancer’s diffusion – Reborn of the 1st one

(It will be slow motion right after the explosion showing the diffusion clearly!)

01:45 – 02:15


Chorus Part 2 | Dub-step Dance!

(to the dub-step part I want you to use your imagination! I trust you 😀 )


02:15 – 2:30


End of the dub-step part and something chill goes in!

(It’s the part that the ghost appears)


2:30 – 2:35


zoom out camera | The music changes a bit, but it will be kind of the same with the last part! (Thousands of balls appear!)






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