VFX Assignment | First Day

Every time that I get an assignment on my hands, automatically an idea comes on to my mind; either a rough idea for what I am going to create. When I first read this assignment “30 – 60 seconds of visual effects”, I realized our subject was quite open and we could do whatever we wanted to do.

I thought about what I like to do most in the world of visual effects. It was quite difficult to say what I like most because I like almost everything that it has to do with video effects and animation, so I decided to start from another point of view. I decided not to search which type of animation I like, but what I wanted my main story to be, or what would be the subject of it.




–       Music

–       Dance

–       Animation


I had a basic idea for what I was going to do. I would love to combine music, dance, animation and camera shooting.

The basic idea for my piece was to film a modern dancer as she was dancing a song and then add some animation lines and effects. The basic idea was quite simple, but I had to figure how this concept will work and bring an amazing final piece.

Basically I had in my mind exactly the result that I was wanted to achieve and I created a rough picture in Photoshop with the general aesthetics of my video:


dancer example


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