3D Graphics Ass | Basic Idea

When I first read the assignment I had no idea what I was going to make!
We had to make “a 3D Abstract Landscape”. The only thing that I was sure about was that I am not going to do a real Landscape. I didn’t like the idea of doing something with actual existents. I wanted to do something really abstract, but I didn’t know yet where am I able to go with my skills Houdini!


After 3 lectures of Houdini and as I was starting to realize what I am able to do, I came with an idea that has a specific concept, because I don’t like to create a piece of art without a reason. My basic idea for this assignment was to create an

Abstract Landscape based on how people and technology are connected these days. The basic word for me is “connected”.

There are many ways for this concept to be attributed on a 3D piece. And the word abstract gives me the chance to achieve my goal easier.


Lots of ideas came into my mind, but I think that the best way to do this is by using the human’s most powerful organ, the brain. My basic object will be the human brain and then I will create an environment surround it by lots of technology “things”. Those things could be cables, information, web platforms, wires, plug-ins and lots of other things that express the meaning of “technology”.



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