New Media | Explanation paragraph

This post is to help understanding easier my mashup concept.

Short Analysis:

My mashup, in short, talks about Greece’s bad economy situation right now; and how that began from!

Greece changed its coin currency on January 2001 from “drachmes” to “euro”, when “we” (all greeks) thought that we had lot of money and that we are able to spend them useless everywhere. After exactly 11 years, though, we can see that it didn’t work out exactly like that, as our economy is in a really bad situation.

In my Essay (2000 words) the truth is that I don’t know what exactly am I going to write, but I have some notes that I think that will help you understand.

Points for what I want to write in my Essay:

– Short History of Greece (currency-drachmes)

– Situation that we were at 2001

– Situation that we are now (2012)

– Analysis for change from drachmes to euro ( positives/negatives )

– Political situation in Greece over those 11 years

– Analysis for my mashup:

Why? (colours, images, painting)


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