New Media | Research and Progress – vol.02

As I had on my mind my final concept for my mashup I had to make it more specific, how I want to “translate” the bad greek economy, to have a reason of doing it and make absolutely sense to everyone (everyone who knows something about the greek economy at least).


The basic idea is to show that Greece went from a  (imaginary) “really good” economic situation, to a very bad economic situation. The “really good” economic situation was imaginary because on January of 2001 Greece changed its currency to “euro” and European Union made us believe that we really had lots of money to spend without reason, something that it was totally wrong and lie. The result of those lies is the today’s bad economy (January of 2012).



The main thing that I have to figure out with is how am I going to show all those things and messages.

The mashup and aesthetics idea is to edit Michael Angelo’s paint “God and Adam”. Instead of god will be the “European Union” and instead of Adam will be “Greece”.

I have to put the paint twice in the image, because I want to show from 2001 until 2012.

The top one will be the year of 2001, that we changed the money currency and we were like rich.

“European Union” will give lots of euros to the rich “Greece”!


The bottom one will be the year 2012, that we are in a bad economic situation.

“Greece” will give “everything he has” to “European Union”, because there are no more money to give back.

It’s like European Union “took” our houses, our money and even our clothes.




Why that painting?

There are many reasons that I want to use this paint.

– Firstly, I can give to anyone understand what my message will be and what I want to show to the audience with this mashup.

– It’s really the best way to show that European Union (God) is something huge and on the top of all of us; And the best way to show that Greece (with euro as the currency) is a E.U. ‘s fail creature.

– An other reason that I want to use a painting instead of a real picture is  because I want to show that something so beautiful and classic (as Greece) could result to a situation like this.



The basic research that I had to do after the analysis of my concept was:

  • When exactly Greece changed its money currency
  • In what situation was before that change
  • The situation right now
  • Germany before and after euro (because Germany is our main problem right now from E.U.)



Some rely helpful articles/video that I read/watched to answer those questions were those:


Which explain how was Greece and our monetary policy before and after Euro, the situation right now, our relation with Germany.


Just a thought:

As I was making my research I realized that “Greece” in my mashup could be lots of other countries which are in the same situation (Spain, Portugal), but I decided to follow the first idea and keep it more specific to be easier to understand what it is about.


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