New Media | ” Why? ” / Feedback

After those three rough concepts that I had on my mind I decided to have a chat with our tutor to see how she feels about those concepts.

I had time to finish one of them, so she could actually see some work done from me and have in mind what I am able to do.

I finished the first rough idea (with Harry Potter)… and here is the result of it.

h p_low

Her first reaction as I showed the Harry Potter’s idea was: “WHY?” .

She explained to me that Harry Potter is a good example for all the little children, because he is a good boy, do all of his homework and in general he hasn’t any reason not to be an icon.

The truth is that I had’t think about that, maybe because I can’t see this movie from this perspective.

I understood though what she was trying to tell me, I realized that there is no point of doing it and I told her my second rough idea (The Queen – Last Supper).

The truth is that she didn’t like it either, because she couldn’t a reason for doing it. The only idea was that she is an overestimated person (for me) and nothing more. I understood that she was right and I was kind of disappointed, but then she gave me a really good idea for the “Last supper”; to change Jesus with David Cameron, because he has made lots of mistakes and the end is near for him. I found it really good and helpful idea and I left.

That was actually our conversation on Friday’s lecture, and I was quite happy with that; since I realized that would be really difficult for me to write an 2000 words essay (for the second assignment) for that mashup, because I don’t know much about him, what he has done, what politics does he use and nothing about his history.

Then I decided to stick in my 3rd rough idea, the more familiar one. (Greece – economy situation).

It will be easier for me to create a mashup for my country, instead of UK; and a lot easier to write a 2000 word essay.


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