New Media | Research, First ideas and Progress

I started doing some general research for “mashups” to totally understand what I am requested to do.

So I began with the easy way… Google:

Screen shot 2012-12-06 at 1.28.16 AM

Here are some of the best mashups that I found and help me understand more the meaning of a mashup:


I thought that the best way to start looking for my idea for my mashup is to communicate with people, watch the news, view some blogs on the internet until something make me thing a strong concept. I have two choices: either I can design something combined history and daily routine, either design something from history or daily routine separately.

1st rough idea:

As I was doing my research I saw somewhere a poster of a Harry Potter’s movie. I thought to do something with it, because I think he  is overestimated as a human icon without any specific reason.

2nd rough idea: 

As I was thinking for some overestimated persons, the second person that came in to my mind was the Queen of UK (maybe because I am not a british citizen). The idea is to change Jesus with Queen at the “Last supper.

3rd rough idea:

Two other classmates would do the Last Supper too (with different concepts, but it was still the Last Supper in it), so I decided to design a mashup that would be more familiar to me. And the most familiar thing for me is my country (Greece) and it’s economy situation right now.


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