Design Practice | The basic Idea

For the assignment we had to create a leaflet advertising a week of events based around the 40th anniversary of the Charles Dickens’s House museum in Broadstairs; and after present it to our clients and explain them everything about our concept and ideas.

We had though to create two different concepts, so Steven and me went for one concept and Rachel, Tom and Dan would do the second one.



When I first read our brief, an image came to my mind automatically. It was a castle door that you could open it and get in to the information. That could work well for our assignment, because I thought that this picture of the castle on to a right folded paper could create an illusion of opening a door in reality.


After a conversation with Steven, we decided that we would go through this idea.  I drawn this concept to a paper so I will not forget it and without losing time we started doing our research.


The basic idea of the aesthetics that we are going to use for the leaflet it’s based on a mix of Modern Art and Old Classic Art. Our purpose is to combine those two types of Art as well as we can.

Actually, because of that concept, the basic research that we had to do was how the buildings, the doors, the colors and the environment used to look like on 18th Century.

What kind of typefaces did they use? What was the style of art?

Very useful things that we found for that Century was:

– Use of wax stamps

– How doors was looking like

– Use of vine patterns EVERYWHERE




With those three basic things we started creating our final piece…


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