Design Practice | Graphics Box

At our second lecture we started looking and analyzing those 6 websites.


We also had to run a quick research for those Job titles and find a short description for each of them. And here is what we came up with:

        JOB TITLE:                                     JOB DESCRIPTION:

Principal/Owner founder/        |                overall main in charge

Creative Director                        |               guides the creating team

Art Director                                 |               guides how the finish product will look like

Senior Designer                           |        The basic designer

Junior Designer                            |       be given a lot of smaller jobs

Middleweight Designer               |      responsible for generating creative concepts and artwork for print

Art worker                                     |        someone who has a specific skill-set

Production Worker                      |         physically creating the product

Project Coordinator                     |         the person who sees if everything is all right

After that, Kate ask us to write a brief within 10 minutes which will ask from a company to design a logo for us (Graphics Box). This brief actually helped us to create our logo easier.

Here is what we wrote in our Brief:


Rachel Hancock

Thomas Curtis

Andreas Lampropoulos

Steven Williams

Daniel Tooley



 GraphicBox is a multimedia company, working within the fields of Graphic, Web and Video/Motion Graphics Design. The broad interests and expertise of the GraphicBox team, gives us a wide variety of creativity to draw inspiration from and develop into new and exciting ideas and forms for our clients.

Our focus is on you, the client. We aim to not only create something that for-fills your needs and expectations, but also pushes the boundaries of design with our skills in each criteria.

 What do we do?

 Graphic Design – Branding, Promotional work,

Web Design – Hand coding in HTML5, Semantic web design

Video and Motion Graphics – Promotional Videos, Animation


 We would like you to design our brand and logo, based on then information we have provided. It needs to be simple, compact, and enabled for usage across a wide range of media.

Here’s some keywords to bare in mind: 

Monochrome, with an injection of colour



Geometric style

 We like squares!


 We want to aim our services at people who share our enthusiasm for the creative industry. Our target audience and forecasted clientele are aged between 20-35, and we would like our agency branding to reflect this.


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