Design Practice | Introduction

Today it was our first lecture at Design Practice and we started straight up learning things that would help as in our Design Career and to our first assignment as well. We will work as a team-company. That means that we have to learn how to combine harmonically all our different styles, opinions and perspectives of viewing.

Kate (our new Tutor) taught us about Belbin’s 9 team roles.  Belbin Team Roles are used to identify people’s behavioural strengths and weaknesses in theworkplace. That makes it easier for all of us to work better as a part of a team.

Kate  also tried to make us understand what kind of designers are we. As we analyzed some types of designers I think that the type that suites better on me is “The Mahatma Gandhi Designer”

What “The Mahatma Gandhi Designer” means:

“ Believing he is obliged to right wrongs, the Mahatma Gandhi designer takes it upon himself to effect change through peaceful means. He feels an obligation to improve Web design standards, regardless of any difficulties or opposition he might face. If he has to achieve his goal one client at a time, he will gladly do so.

Sharing his design philosophy with whomever will listen, the Mahatma Gandhi designer tries to persuade others—designers, clients and the general public alike—to help him make the design industry a better place.

A forward-thinking man who sets trends, he advocates for what he believes is necessary to improve and sustain the design industry. Willing to sacrifice himself for the benefit of other designers, the Mahatma Gandhi designer does whatever he can to improve the world of design through peaceful and lasting change. “

The reason that I choose this type it’s basically because I really want to share my ideas and my design philosophy with whomever would like to listen. Unfortunately I didn’t see the same behavior from most of my classmates at University, but I still like to share my thoughts.


Overall, in that lecture we had to split on separate teams for our assignments.

My team is composed of:

Rachel Hancock | Gpahic Design

Tom Curtis | Graphic design

Dan Tooley | Video Graphics (also good at web)

Steven Williams | Graphic Design


After having a meeting, we came up with the name “Graphics Box”.


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