New Media | Introduction

The first lecture for “New Media: Production and Consumption” I think that was something new for all of the second year’s students. It made as think about design with a totally different way. Personally, when I was listening to the word “design”, only good and bad images was coming to my mind, but there is something in the middle; something behind the design as a creative process; and this is how everything has to do with design, such as politicians, cultures, cctv, media in general. The most powerful example to give a better sense of explanation is this one:

Here it’s a mashup with the Russian President Vladimir Putin to fly with cranes in hand glider, and this is design!


This picture was at the front page of our first assignment. I have to say though that I am a bit confused with the first assignment. We actually have to create a mashup (video or picture) of our choice.

Here is my favourite example of video mashup:

What is Image Mashup?

“An image mashup can be defined as a digital media content that contains any or all text and/or graphics drawn from pre-existing sources, to create a new derivative work” –


I have to say that when first read the brief of our first assignment I was totally “empty” of ideas. All of the times that I read a brief , an image automatically appears to me as a good example. It was the first time that absolutely nothing came in to my mind! I am a bit worry, but I think as the time goes by I will think about something.


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