Animation Assignment – Part 2

After my decision to make something similar to “Thoughts of you” I started making some more research in similar videos and how can I create something like this I hadn’t no idea.

Here are some videos that I watched to get more inspiration and to see many different ways to achieve something like this…

Of course I did a really good research on Ryan Woodward’s website ( I watched the video bellow that shows a kind of making of that I could find very useful for my assignment.


In that documentary I realized that he drew most of the frames with Graphic tablet on Adobe Flash. That’s exactly what I was thinking to create my animation. I knew that would take me months to draw all the frames, as I had more assignments to figure out.


The subject of my animation I wanted to be something meaningful for me and for every person that watch it. In fact that I am from Greece, that as you probably know has some economic problems right now, I was thinking to make something about this. I know that we don’t have so huge problems as the media show and I also know that it’s always someone “behind the scene” who “plays” with us. When I thought about this quote, I found the subject of my animation! The basic idea came rapidly after that thought. I start build on that idea and finally find the hole script for my animation.


First, I will start from a zoom out to show that talk about earth and simple citizens. After the zoom out it will appear our first “player”; a huge juggler will play with the tiny earth. The juggler will through the earth to a dancer and the game will continue.

The final scene came to my mind after some conversation that I had with some really close to me people. I want to emphasize on the problem of money, so I will put a politician to hold the earth and with one simple move will blow it up. As the earth blows up, money will come from inside the earth and will go everywhere.


As I had my final script on my head I started drawing….



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