Short Film – Editing decisions

After two full days of filming I had to make the scenes choice. It was quite difficult because I had at least 830 files to figure it out with…


The montage took me 3 days and that’s because we kept notes for which footage goes to each sound.

I had already a plan on my mind for the montage and I had lots of notes for it.

I used the programs:

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe After Effects


I wanted to create a very warm environment to my film so that you can feel that you are in the movieĀ  and feel what the main actor feels.

The colors in the reality are based on purple for the shadows and orange for the highlights.

In the flashback after a research a realized that they used to use yellow color to express a memory. I didn’t like that Idea so much, but I lightly used blue with yellow for the flashback.

And to make my film more live I put a light overlay Vignette.

Sound Design

The songs recorded after the filming in one of my friends house in London.

We new from the beginning which songs are going to used, because we compose them specific for the movie.

I used 3 sound effects for the moment that he goes to flashback just to create the sense of moving to the past.




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