D&AD Assignment – Research

For the second assignment for Developing Creative Practice we had to choose what assignment we will do. Actually our second assignment was a real competition. It is an organization called D&AD, which sent to our university a pdf file with many briefs so that the students were able to choose which brief they are going to do…

There were lots of interesting assignments into it as you can see here.

As I love watching films and creating posters and graphics I choose the “Little White Lies ” one.

I had to choose a film from the list bellow and create an illustrator of the protagonist’s portrait.

  • Drive
  • Black Swan
  • The Tree of Life
  • Super 8
  • Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

I choose Black Swan as I have saw the film and I really liked it.

The first thing that I did was to watch four more times the film so that I can easily see more information and key points to create my poster.

In my opinion, the things that my poster must include was:

  • Mirror
  • Blood
  • Swan
  • Feathers

Those were the necessary things. I didn’t want in any case to be something common. I would like to be something different and special. Something that anyone else would creates.

I typed in Google, in Deviant Art and many other sites to see what other people have already done for the Black Swan. I found some great inspirations and some good posters that I want to share with you:

I made a research in older Little White Lies issues to see what they do. I noticed that the most of their posters had only the head of the protagonist with a different illustration each time. I didn’t want to create something similar because I found it common. The portrait doesn’t constrict you on the face; you are able to do until the middle of the body.

I also saw those videos that they say some useful tips about the competition:



Then, I started create my poster. I had already decided that I would express the feeling of the film with watercolours. The character on that film isn’t so steady personality; she is kind of disordered personality. That whatercolour effect would gave to my poster a sense of disordered and not steady.

My first sketches was those ones bellow and I kept working on the last one:






The last one actually I liked it and it is exactly what I wanted for the “whatercoulor” concept.

I dicided that I would work with it…




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