Short Film – Shooting decisions

As I have already done the research for the scenes that I was going to use, it was easier to write on the actual script some information that would going to help me in the filming.

I kept notes on the script to remember what scenes I will shoot.

As you probably  saw in my previous post, I have made a roughly planing-positioning for each scene.


The place was something difficult for me, because I didn’t want to make the film in Ramsgate (where I live) and I had found a place in London, the Trafalgar square that I think that it’s what exactly need.

The thing is that I didn’t know that you need a permission to film in London in a common area. I made my application on ”“, but they didn’t accepted it. I had to do it somewhere else.

the final decision was to make the filming in the Broadway Market in London.

When we started filming in a square near to Broadway Market, the security came and told us to make the filming in a public road and not in a private square as was that one.

We went near that square and we finally found the position and start filming.


1 x Tripod                                 D-600/CX686

1 x Audio Recorder                   EDIROL R-09HR

1 x Lens                                    EF 50mm F1.8

1 x DSLR                                  EOS 600D & EF-S 18-55mm IS

1 x Boom                                  Long Boom

1 x Mic                                     ME-66

1 x Lighting Kit                          Redheads

1 x Reflector                             Reflector


The basic problems that I had to face up with was the natural sunlight and the positioning.

Since I solve the positioning problem I had only the matter of sunlight to figure it out.

The solution was to group the filming shots with the weather. When I was looking up to the sky and I couldn’t see any clouds I was shooting the sunny scenes.

One more problem that we had was the main actor’s beard. For technical reasons we had to film first the reality and then the next day the flash back. As a pure homeless he had to has big beard which he hasn’t. The only solution that we thought was to save his legs and put them on, like a beard. I think that it worked pretty well.



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