Short Film- Research

In Lens Based Media our second assiggnment is to create a 3 minute short film. We have to write a script, to direct it and shoot it.

Normaly that assignment had to be a group-work assignment, but I prefaired to do it on my own. I don’t have problem with group-work but i wanted to be more personal.
Before I start to write and shoot anything I have to make a research for my short film. I had the idea to make something combined with music and so I searched for films that have scenes with musical instruments.

My first idea was to create a film with sunject: “What do you say when you talk to yourself”. I knew that that would be a difficult senario, but I wanted to try it.

I started thinking of it and many ideas came into my mind, but nothing more specific. After lots and lots of thoughts on this subject I decided to do something similar to this but not so difficult, so I wrote that story:

Michael is a 25 year-old music Irish student, who grew up in London and still lives there. When he was three years old, he had to move to an orphanage. At the age of 17, he run away and for three years he lived in the streets. In order to survive, he played the guitar in the streets of London.

One morning, he grabbed his guitar to play and he remembered a song he used to play a specific day. He remembered…





While he was playing the music, during the whole day, he loved to watch the people, their moves, their appearance. He got inspiration from them and he created music, kept notes and wrote lyrics based on everyday life.


One day, three years later, he took a break from this special song he had composed (written αν είναι στίχοι) and he started making a bracelet from simple material (cotton strings). A girl passed by and she left in the guitar box, where the coins were, a tobacco case she had made herself. She noticed he was making something and she asked “What’s that?”. Michael was stunned by her beauty. He was starring at her, admiring her without saying anything. He was touched by her move. After a while, he told her “This is for you” (with a big smile in his face). They looked at each other with a look full of sexual innuendos. The girl told him “Thanks a lot” and while she was leaving, she was starring at him.


Since that day, he became gradually paranoid. He was thinking about her constantly. He could do nothing to forget her. The image of her smile came back to his mind again and again.


Since that day, he started speaking to himself, saying out loud “I should have said more”, “What could I have done?”, “Does she like me?”, “Does she like the bracelet?” This “problem” gradually took over him and he started talking about it to others. During the second faze of this crisis, he used to stand up, walk up and down, whispering the same questions over and over again. (Third phase of the crisis). It became even worse. Michael thought the passers by were himself and he talked to them as if he were talking to himself (dreadful situation). “Did you see how she looked at you?”, “She liked us”, “What could I do?” Passers by ignored him, they pretended no to see him, the pushed him, the way they pushed him and ignored him in the orphanage (quick flash back 2)




When the flash back finished, he came back to reality, while he was playing the same song. A few days later, while he was looking out the window, he saw a girl in at the window of the building at the other side of the street. She had that specific bracelet in her hand.


(inhalation of surprise-the end)


After that, some more research…

As you propably understood a great ispiration for my film is the movie called “August rush”, that I believe that it has great scences with musical instruments that could be great to get inspired of.

I stack on this story and start writting the final script. At the same time me and my friend Terence (student of CCCU, music) started to compose the music for the film. We had to write 5 different songs for the movie. It had to be very strong piece of art because the hole movie is based on the guitar.

Here is my script final:

Screenplay_Andreas Lampropoulos


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