Typography Assignment – Part 4

Finally, the last step of my assignment: the creation!

In this post you can see part of the process for my Kinetic Typography Assignment.

You can see also the progress of my work, by clicking on the previous posts:

Part 3

Part 2

Part 1




I asked a good friend of mine, called Georgios Athanasiou, to create the soundtrack, exactly as I wanted it to be. He separated the lyrics from the film’s soundtrack and used the music he had composed. He created the spaces that I needed between the words and the big final space between “And now I walk” and “INTO THE WILD”.



As I finalized the idea for my project, I started creating my video in Adobe After Effects. The first thing I did was to create the background. As I had planned, I put the “fine sacking material” texture with some Levels and Hue/Saturation experimentation. Also, I put two black solid layers in multiply mode above the texture with a circled mask in the center, because I wanted to focus at the center of the screen, where the text would be.



Then, I started animating the text. I copied and pasted the paths, which I have created, from Adobe Illustrator CS5 to Adobe After Effects CS5. I put 8 Camera layers in total, to give motion to my 3D mask layers. One camera for each letter of “INTO THE” and one for “And now I walk”.

I knew the song was already slow, so I made the movement of the words faster, in order to make it more interesting for the viewers.

I also put most of my mask layers in Motion Blur Mode, in order to make the movement more realistic in my animated text.

Bellow, you can see all of my project’s layers:



Rendering Settings

My rendering Settings for the blackboard:

My rendering Settings for YouTube:


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