Touch someone’s heart – Development/Finalise

This is our group work through these pictures you can see how we managed to get all our work done as a group and all pull our wait evenly. We designated roles to each other to share the workload.

Working in a group was a good experience to have working in a group can be hard at times but I believe working in a group helped my communication skills a lot we had to do conduct team meetings and talk about the work so that we produced a quality presentation.

We each did 4 pieces of work towards our presentation talking about

-Who we are (Done) AL

-Logo (Done) AL

-The Brief Rewrite (Done) OL

-Brief Bullet points (Done) OL

-Ideas (Done) OL

-Research (Done) OL

-The Current Situation In horizons. (NEEDS TO BE DONE) AO

-What we are going to do (Done) AL

-What we need (Done) AL

-Website write-up ………………… (NEEDS TO BE DONE) AO

-How are Voting works () AO

-Prize (Done) AL

-Final Image, website (Done) AO

I posted this on our forum so that everyone knew what we were doing and there was no confusion. I believe that over all it went every well. We did a lot of research in to different web site that we found were help full to our project.

We are going to hopefully present this as a flowing presentation to the client so they fully understand the ideas that AOA Graphics has to offer them.

Below you can see the photos of how we conducted our team work:


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