Personal Profile Picture – Process/Finalise

After I finished the Research – Inspiration and the Concept – Development I started creating my graphic.

In that post you can see part of the process and the final piece of artwork.

I decided to use the stock image bellow and I started working.

In the pictures bellow you can see part of the process with some explanatory comments.

Firstly, I removed the background using a layer mask and I put a texture for background (from mayang’s textures)

I started drawing the splatter effect that I wanted. I created some of them using brushes and stock images (from Deviant Art) and I drew the rest of them with my Pen Tablet. (later, I thought I could ask Dean for some good sites with splatter stock images)

I added a Hue/Saturation Layer, a Levels Layer and a Curves Layer to make the colours the way I wanted them to be.

Then, I duplicated the Layer with my stock Image and I created a red one and a white one. Both of them have been used to create the clown’s make-up.

Creation of the box-spring-man :

I removed the background of my stock photo.

I found this spring to Photo Xchng and I used the Pupet Warp Tool to give to the spring the shape I wanted to have.

I took that box’s Stock photo from Photo Xnchng.

With the proper shadows and a Hue/Saturation Layer I created the final image that was going to use.

Putting the box into my graphic:

I changed again the Hue/Saturation and the Levels and I put the proper shadows to make it seem more realistic.

Putting the lighting effect and the brain:

I created these lighting effects so that viewers pay more attention to the box (and to what comes out of it) and make them notice the existence of the box and the concept of my artork.


Finally, I put my logo into the circle down to the right corner, the black edges and here it is…


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