An Emotional Poster – Research/Development

FINALIn Graphic Design our assignment was to create a poster for the emotional state we picked from this list (List of Feelings). We had to create the poster using the emotional state we chose and then to express this state through the graphic.

I chose the “anxious”, I did some research on it.


The first thing I did was to search the meaning of “anxious” in an English dictionary. I found the following:


adjective ( WORRIED )


worried and nervous

I also did research for some typography graphics for “anxious”, in order to get some inspiration.

First thoughts

My first thought was “what causes us to be anxious?”.

I realized that the strongest source of anxiety for me was the speed of our daily routine. Then, I made it more specific. I focused on the huge amount of information that we receive every day. We receive lots of useless information, so quickly, that it makes us anxious.


I started experimenting in Adobe Illustrator CS5. As my basic idea was our daily routine’s speed, I created a city and I tried to make it look…anxious.

Then, I realized that I couldn’t use images. I could only use letters. From that graphic I kept the idea of the depth of the image, which could be useful.

Then, I focused on the “information idea”. I typed the word information many times with 3 different typefaces, in order to create a sense of anxiety and started to experiment with any idea that came into my mind.

Typefaces that have been used: SaSa Serif, Modern No.20, Apple Gothic

The motion blur that I have put represents the speed of the informations that we get every day.

The shaking-blury effect behind the “anxious” at the center, is used because when we are anxious, we are nervous too; and when we are nervous we “treble”…

Then I decided to change my basic Typeface for “anxious”, to put the “NeoRetroFill”, because I liked the fact that it has sharper edges and it gives more effectively the sense of shaking; and I was keep experimenting and trying.



After many tries and experimantation here is my final piece of artwork for “anxious”






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