Personal Profile Picture – Concept/Development

After in-depth research and brainstorming I had for my “Lens Based Media” first assignment I settled the final concept for my personal picture.


The main idea is to give…subconsciously some information about myself.

-Since I came in the UK, I realized that every time I create a piece of artwork I express the side of myself that I can’t express in my daily routine. In general, I am a happy and positive person, but on the other hand my graphics shows something different. They represent my negative thoughts and something… darker.

-A few days ago I thought this quote below:

“It’s nice to make other people laugh, but you always need someone to make you laugh too.” (Here is a graphic that I created)


I wanted to create a profile picture with the combination of those two thoughts. Through this graphic, I could achieve my goal: giving subconsciously some information about me.

I thought that the best symbol for my quote was a clown, because usually clowns make other people laugh.

My finally concept is to present my face with a clown’s make-up, holding a box. From that box a smaller version of myself would came out, without a clown make-up. I want to show the difference between clowns and humans as symbols; and how this works into my life. Usually, we see the opposite (the clown in the box and the person holding the box), but for me it could work the other way round too.



First of all, I went to the university’s photography studio with some classmates to take some good stock photos.

Those are some of the best stock photos that we have taken.

Secondly, I planned my graphic and focused on the style that I was going to use.

Finally, I started work on Photoshop.

Stay tuned to see my final graphic…


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