Personal profile picture – Research/Inspiration

In our first Assignment in Lens Based Media we requested to create a personal profile picture, captured using a DSLR camera and integrated into a composite image using Adobe Photoshop.

When I first read the assignment many ideas came on my mind. I started my assignment with some research for inspiration on Deviant Art. Here are some of the best images that I saw…

Breaking Point by ~3rror404

End of Times by =lady-symphonia

From Dust to Damnation by ~vaporization

Weiss’s secret by ~Gloom82

l’etoile by ~StyLee0611

60543 by *kubicki

60568 by *kubicki

60549 by *kubicki

In general I saw one of *kubicki ‘s collections that I got inspired more. Here is the link for the collection: [link]

I started to have a more specific idea for my assignment after my research. As you will see in my next post I started to have a concept and some good stock photos.


2 thoughts on “Personal profile picture – Research/Inspiration

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