Touching Hearts Design Brief

In our lecture Developing Creative practice we were required to write a brief regarding the Broadstairs campus with title: “Design that touches someone’s heart”.

This brief was inspired from Stefan Sagmeister’s “Touch Someone’s Heart” advice. He wanted from his students to find a way to find a way of touching an individual, a group, the world.


Advice on how to touch someone’s heart:

• Extremely labour intensive designs
• Designs that are viewable over and over again and again

• Beautiful designs

• Surprises
• Personalised designs


We separated in groups and we had to choose specific areas to work within (for example: Horizons, Library etc).  After a conversation that we had as a group we decided to create a brief about the library (a campaign for making it more attractive and getting people up there).

We think that the library needs to be more popular, because:

-It’s a great source of information
-It’s very underrated because there is information that isn’t on the internet
-It’s a completely citable source
-It’s very vallid in the eyes of awarding bodies

-It’s the place that every student has to be most of his time

•growing up his knowledge

The benefit of us doing research is:

-to gain sufficient information and knowledge in our chosen field of experties
-to enable us to come up with different angles and ideas to gain knowledge info
-come up with correct knowledge

So that we will be able to write a good and essential brief


After we did our research, we gave the following questionnaire to 20 students and we started writing our brief.

(You can see our library-questionnaire)

Final brief

Finally, after many changes here is our final brief for “Touching someone’s heart”:

You can also download our brief by clicking here.


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