Stock Photography

Today in our lecture in Lens Based Media we learned a couple of things for Stock Photography.
We saw a presentation of things that a good stock photo must include and some tricks for taking good stock photos. Then, we took the given cameras in separated groups of 2-3; we then attempted to take some stock photos. Below are 2 photos that I think that could be used as Stock photography.




I think that this photo is a very good stock photo because it has a sharp background that is easy to remove, it also includes nice lights, nice shadows, perfect exposure and a nice body position.

The image below (taken by myself) hasn’t got the perfect light and brightness, but I found it to be a good stock photo because the body position and the pose created will bring a pretty interesting photograph for photo manipulation. It has a nice background, which will be easy to remove and the interesting shadows that have appeared around the facial area will be useful for editing.


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