Typography Assignment – Part 1

A couple of days ago I took my first assignment in “Motion Graphics”.

I am required to produce a 30 – 60 seconds typography video.

So, here are some thoughts and research for my video…

Firstly, I was searching in youtube.com and vimeo.com for some Typography Videos to search for some influences and for way of thinking how I can create my video. Some videos that I saw:

After that research I thought that I want to make a very powerful and energetic video , with a lot of motion and action.So, after a while I choose the song “My eyes are red” from “Laid Blak” to be the song for my video.

I think that it’s a very interesting song for typography , because specially from 1.10 to 2 minute, that I’m probably going to edit,  it has a lot of energy that I can take advantage of and give amazing movement to my video.

to be continued….


2 thoughts on “Typography Assignment – Part 1

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