A taste of Web Design

We have already had some Web Design lessons and I think that it’s very interesting!
When I came here I didn’t expect we will do Web Design, but I find it very useful because it is part of artwork,  part of the Graphic Design Suite

In first lessons we learned the very basics of HTML , which is one of the most famous web design languages.
This is a printscreen of the 1st lesson’s results..

I am a little nervous about our first assignment , because we have to build a 3 page website,exploring the use of typography in web design, and I have never done it before. I think it is an interesting challenge for me and I will succeed!
My first idea for this assignment is to create a site for a band that will incnlude a Home page, an About page, some videos of their performances, a download section or a tour calendar. Also it might have some links for their social network’s pages, a contact section  and download or buy section.
I have started my research by looking at some of my favourite bands’ sites to see firstly what an official web page looks like and how it works.
Also I studied carefully what type of fonts they use , the size of the fonts , the colours of the fonts, the colours of the rest of the page and the information’s classification.
Some of the bands’ sites I saw:
I want my website to be minimal, very much  user friendly and at the same time beautiful and useful!
Finally, as we learned in our first lecture, I have to be careful about some of my site’s characteristics.
Some things that a site MUST have and some that it MUST NOT:
-be too BUSY
-have too much scrolling
-have tables for layout
-have primary colours (bright colours)
-have good balance  (pure use of space)
-have CONSISTENCY (layout, colours, fonts)
-have CLEAR and USER FRIENDLY navigation


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