AF animated ball

 Our tutor in “Motion Graphics” asked us to create a video by using shapes and letters.I created the first image that came to my mind the moment he told us the task.

This was a very open subject and after some thought I created this….

It may apear easy and simple but it is time-consuming and difficult.

Before I started to paint the ball and make it bounce, I made some research on how can I make the ball bouncing looks as natural as I can.
I searched in youtube and I found several videos with bouncing balls. I studied the movement of the ball and tried to create something similar in my video.
I also had to research for the ball’s shadows. I took a flashlight and I carried out an experiment.
I shone the light on my finger so that the shadow fell on the table. I started moving my finger up and down and observed the movment of the shadow on the table.
Finally, I added sound effects that I had recorded using the microphone of my computer, as well as sampling one from the internet ( to make my video more realistic and interesting.

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