Digital Art – Skull

On the occasion of the first lecture I had in my university for “Lens Based Media” , I thought to create this graphic.

I experimented with the technique of “layer masking“, to develop my technical skills in photo manipulation and to make my self feel more comfortable with this technique.

I wanted to externalize my feelings through this graphic, which was between fear and anger.

I thought that an appropriate tool for accomplishing this is the skull.

Some of the process:

I sat in front of the camera and I took pictures of myself to use them for editing.

I duplicated the layer with my picture , changed the blending mode to multiply and opacity to create a darker environment  and to show as better as I can my feelings.

Also, I experimented with the “Leves“, the “Curves” and the “Hue/Saturation” of the picture to bring it as much as is can closer to my expectations.


I remove the background as we learn in our lecture in Lens Based Media with a Layer Mask.

To create the torn skin and the skull as I stated before I used “Layer Masking“.

I created a Layer Mask to my picture and then with a very smooth brush I began to paint my skin to create the perception of the torn skin.

After the paint, I experimented with the layer styles to create the red edges and shadows, to seem more realistic..

And here is the result….




skull by Stock.xchng (


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