My first presentation

Last Friday I had my first presentation at University. At first I was a little nervous. However, I thought that everything would be fine. My first presentation was in Introduction to Graphic Design, and we had to bring to the lecture a piece of graphic design that has an emotional affect on us.

When I read the words “emotional affect”, the first thing that it came to my mind was my band’s debut album.

Few words about how my presentation went:

At the beginning I made an introduction of the piece of artwork that I brought to the lecture. When I had finished showing the class my piece of artwork; I then introduced my band.

This piece of artwork is a CD Cover , and more specific is the cover of my band’s Debut Album called “Echoism”.

It designed by “In House” which is a Graphic Studio in Greece.

My band called “bleeze” ,we play Alternative Rock music and we create our own music.

Then I said why I choose this piece of artwork and what is the emotional affect on me.

I choose that graphic because it reminds me beautiful moments that we had with my band ,such as:

 gigs, live concerts, rehearsals, recordings, trips.

In general that piece reminds me the most important and emotional thing… our passion to create music!

“Echoism” fulfills me with a lot of feelings such us pride , happiness , emotion  , maybe anger sometimes and finally oblivion for my friends and my country.

I want to share with you those feelings by showing you this video.

Thank you!

Here is a photo of my notebook that it’s shows how I had prepared my presentation :


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