Lens Based Media – Background removal

As a self-taught in photoshop, I used to remove backgrounds roughly from images, just with the “Magic Select Tool”. When I learned of its existence I was so happy, because I could easily remove backgrounds from images.

But, on Monday 10th October 2011, in my lesson, an Introduction to Lens Based Media, I became aware that there are other ways to remove the background easier and more professional.
I have heard about Layer Masks , but I have never learned anything about them, and how to use them. In our lecture we learned how to easily put a Mask to a layer , this little trick has made my life easier!

There are many advantages of layer masks, such as you can edit the mask at any time you want, or even delete it. If you use the Eraser Tool to remove something know matter how much work you have done you can easily get the thing back you removed. But with layer masks you can do edit it at anytime you want.

In the class our tutor gave us a picture to make practice in “Layer Masking“.

After I’ve done that background removal , he told us to do an other one.



The Layer Masking technique is one of the most important techniques for a Graphic Designer, not only because he can removes backgrounds, but he can also use it in almost all of his works.


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