Turner Gallery- 30.09.11 -Nothing but life

On passed Thursday our teachers decided to place our lesson a little differently.
So we switched to the Turner Contemporary Museum, In Margate , to attend the exhibition ” Nothing in the World But Youth“.

So we took advantage of this opportunity and created our first brief…

That day we should bring an object that reminds us our youth and three words that can be identified it.
The object that I had with me were those three photos:


my brother

These pictures mean so much to me and fill me with emotions. These are the three characteristic photographs that come to mind whenever I think of the life that I have lived so far with my brother.
Every time I see them I remember the carelessness of that age. We cared only to have fun 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.

My three words were:

wasted (don’t really know the reason)

Before going in to the Gallery we separate groups with a mission to write a story inspired by the gallery that we would follow soon.
I was in group 1 and our story is something like this…

Our three words:

Education, Sports and travel

Going from primary school to secondary school was a big step we all had our differences. When we had finally settled in to school we got involved in sports, we each took part in several sports to see what we were best at and most interested in. Some chose cricket, swimming, athletics and many others. Most people took their sports quite seriously and decided to join sports teams out side of school. As we progressed through the years we got involved in many different activities.

When at school we all had to travel in on different forms of transportation. Many of us got the bus but the odd few got lifts and trains. We all used transport in our youths as a way of getting around. Transport played a big part of everyone’s life we are always travelling weather it be walking, cycling or driving.

Another big step in our youth was moving from our secondary school to our chosen university. When we all came into accommodation we were all so shy and different, but when we all went out at fresher’s we met each other and we found out that we had so much in common, music, we all loved to do dangerous stuff, so many people with so many different backgrounds thrown in the same pot. During the first couple of nights we had huge parties, it was really hectic. The days after got us together and we learned a little bit about each other and how we would use each other to progress though the years to come.

A few words about the Gallery:

Exhibition projects were based in youth. I can’t tell that I loved all of them, but I certainly found some very interesting and some that was like seeing my own childhood, my own experiences and feelings.
Some projects that I have been able to pick …


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